Governor AMAECHI’s Rift With OMEHIA Deepens

The story making the rounds in Rivers State at the moment is that Governor Amaechi and his predecessor, Sir Celestine Omehia have reconciled their age-long face-off and forged ahead in peace and harmony. As the story goes, a revered cleric, Most Reverend Katty and Archbishop of the Niger Delta Most Diocese of the Anglican Communion brokered peace between Omehia and Amaechi in his church during a thanksgiving service in honour of Commissioner for Justsice and Attorney-General of the state who has just been elected the president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). Following this, the media was awash with news that they have reconciled.
However, Omehia had denied ever reconciling with the incumbent governor. He however issued a press statement maintaining that it is fight to finish. His spokesperson, Mr. Barth Emuekpere Omohie reacted to the story saying that the re conciliation at the church was a comic arrangement.
According to him, the reconciliation move was an ambush. He said his boss was at the church to honour his friend, Okey Wali (SAN) and was not at the church for peace to be brokered between him and Amaechi. While the service was on, the Archbishop requested that both Chibuike Amaechi and Celestine Omehia present themselves before the altar of God and have a handshake of forgiveness and reconciliation. Amaechi, according to him was the first to jump out and Omehia reluctantly came out. He initially refused to step out but he was persuaded to obey the Archbishop by the celebrant. He however, came out and on his own part mindful of the implication of taking a vow before the presence of God’s Consciousness and not keeping it only replied “My Lord, we’ll Get Back To You.”
After they went back to their seats, Amaechi was given an opportunity to address the congregation and he began to abuse opposition party, saying that the only credible party is PDP. This however, got Celestine more infuriated.
Mr. Barth Emuekpere described the purported reconciliation between Sir Celestine Omehia and Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi as laughable. According to him. “They are not children who probably disagreed over a bar of chocolate and so can’t be called out of a congregation, possibly given a bar each and told to shake hands on the name of reconciliation. They are politicians with ideological and political differences and to assume that such differences have been reconciled by merely being called out and made to shake hands is to put nicely, deceptive. The man of God simply called them out, admonished and prayed for them to reconcile as brothers in the interest of the state.” He went further to state that “even the Bishop is not ignorant of the fact that lasting and sustainable reconciliation can not be achieved by calling aggrieved parties out of a congregation for settlements. Settlements are done behind closed doors and not in public. However, we are mindful of the fact that sponsors of such fallacy are doing so in the interest of scoring cheap political points, but will be shocked that supporters of Sir Celestine Omehia are committed supporters who can not be dissuaded with such cheap strategy. It is advisable that they return to the drawing board for more refined strategies.”

– Timi Ajagunna


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