Abuja Big Boys Devise New Tricks

•To Hook ABUJA Single Rich Babes


Quite a lot of guys have different views about Abuja single babes, especially the rich ones. Some of these rich babes are doing excellently well in their jobs and businesses, in fact some of them live large, own properties and cruise in fleet of cars. Call them big and sophiscated babes and you are not far from it. However most Abuja guys are not unaware of this and have taken full advantage by dating them.  Unfortunately, a lot of these babes have fallen victims of some of these gold diggers and have paid dearly for it. Abuja Correspondent ADEBOLA ADEYELE brings you some of the tricks Abuja boys now use in hooking rich single babes. 


This trick is the main and the common one Abuja guys use in getting rich babes. They realise most ladies that are ripe for marriage are eager to get married at all cost, and that is what they now work on. Some of them that are not even desperate are pressurized by friends and family members, so once they see any guy that keeps talking about marriage, they fall for them and even do all what they can to make the man stay with them. Some of these guys will tell them what they want to hear, especially issues related to marriage and spending the rest of their lives with them, unknown to the babes, they are just being trapped.

Another trick they use in getting some of these big and rich babes is by moving in with them. A lot of these guys claim to be in love with them, and the only way they can express the love is by living with them. Although this trick normally takes time, because its a gradual process, the first thing they do is trying to be nice to the lady, visiting her, at times pay some little bills, like DSTV, lights and other bills, after this step, they upgrade to coming to her house. And before they know what is happening, they have started living together, but don’t forget the lady will still be paying the house rent, feeding him and even paying the bills.

A lot of these gold diggers are always over possessive, because they won’t want to share the lady with any other man, even when they know they can’t marry her, but just playing with her emotion. In fact, some of them even monitor the ladies movements, listening to their conversations on the phone or even beat them if they suspect any thing. But some of the babes won’t want to leave the guy no matter the circumstance, they believe if the guy doesn’t love them, he wont be jealous of what she’s doing. So most of them believe that is part of the love the guy has for them, unfortunately, the situation often go out of hands.

Most of the babes that fall for this trick are the wealthy and older ones, they are always desperate and they don’t mind parting with anything they have once the guy looks serious and ready to settle down. Some of the guys who use this trick are also well to do, although they live on women and they spoil the ladies silly before they eventually strike.

Most guys collect money from babes in one way or the other, but these days, almost all the guys that engages in running after rich single babes for their money now ask them directly. They believe the babes are richer and because they can’t marry their money, they will want to do anything they can to get a man to marry them, not even mind if he the love is genuine or not. This trick is very common and most babes still fall victim of it. Some guys even collect money from these rich babes and spend it on some younger babes, which they will eventually get married to. A lot of them also trick them with joint account, life insurance and all kinds of things, just to fleece them of their money.

This is the new and the latest trick in Abuja right now. Ever since some of the guys realized a lot of girls are getting use to their old old tricks, they decided to start some new tactics. Since they know that most girls always love to meet one or two of their relatives, they now introduce them to some friends claiming to be their family members, some of them actually introduce them to their siblings, and ask them to be demanding money or material things from the babes. And since the lady also believes she will soon be married into the family, will want to satisfy them, and will even go out of her way to please them. But most guys always introduce them to fake family member, so that by the time they are through with them, they won’t be able to trace them. It’s so bad to the extent that some of these babes even accommodate the family members.

Almost all the guys that engage in tricks that has been earlier stated don’t have jobs, they are always jobless and they live on women, but majority of them claim to be contractors. Obviously any young babe that meets a single guy who is a contractor would think, the guy is rich and he wont have to wait for any salary before he can pay his bills, and since they know that most babes love to be deceived, they tell them sweet things they will love to hear. But after some time, they will come up with a story on how the federal government owes them some millions and once they get the money, they will get their own apartment, buy new cars and even spoil the lady silly. The babes will believe them, and she will start spending all her money to maintain the relationship, thinking the guy will reciprocate some day.

They claim they don’t like 3rd party in their relationship, so the lady must stop hanging out with her friends and families, if she really wants to settle down with him. This is another tactics that is used on most single and rich babes in Abuja right now. The guys try to disassociate the babes from talking or sharing her experience with friends and families, they also try as much as possible to keep an eye on the babes, at times they don’t allow them to go out alone, or attend family functions so that they won’t brainwash them.


Cynthia Agholor In Hot Romance

•With  Ghanaian Producer, Elvis Lamptey


Nollywood actress, Cynthia Agholor is in the news again. This sexy actress is in a sizzling romance with top Ghanaian movie producer, Elvis Lamptey. And we can authoritatively tell you that it is a hot romance which is altar-bound. The two love birds we gathered are happy together and Cynthia is hopeful that the romance will lead to marriage soon. And so she is hiding the affairs from the prying eyes of her colleagues and the media. She is very protective of it. This is also because the handsome guy does not want the affairs to be known publicly yet. This development will definitely not come as a surprise to fans of this actress who started her acting career at the age of 6. This is because Cynthia lately has been staring in a lot of Ghanaian movies especially the ones produced by Elvis. And this obviously has generated many stories. As some said that she is now featuring in Ghanaian movies because she could not get roles in Nollywood, after spending more than 2 decades while some are of the opinion that she is the one paying the Ghanaian movie makers instead of her being paid. But what might surprise a lot of people this time around is the fact that despite all the allegations, Cynthia might be walking down the aisle with Elvis, her new found love very soon. This is because they are both serious about their affair and flaunt their affection towards each other without hesitation. Elvis’ is one of the top players in Ghollywood. He has produced quite a number of Ghanaian movies. They both we gathered met a couple of months back during one of Elvis visit to Nigeria and it was more of love at first sight as they both fell head over heels the moment they met.
And ever since then, they have remained inseparable. As Cynthia now is always seen in Ghana. The guy has also been spoiling her silly with cash and gifts.  The bond between them is so close that they can hardly stay apart from each other for a long time. A close friend of Cynthia also revealed that they strongly believe that this is a strong romance that might lead Cynthia to the altar, because she is always talking about Elvis and flaunting her relationship with him to her close friends. She is said to have also given a couple of her friends a hint that she might be getting married very soon, reason being that she is absolutely convinced that the guy loves her so much judging from the way he shows affection and love to her. It would be recalled that Cynthia started up as kid actress at the age of 6 with Tales by moon light and other NTA kiddies drama. But got into Nollywood proper in 1996. She has featured in many Nigerian movies and soap operas though features more in Ghanaian movies. She has also co-produced a Nigerian Soap Opera titled “Tears For Tomorrow”

Tonto Dike, Van Vicker & Co. For Best of Nollywood Awards

All is set for the 2012 edition of Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) which is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria in a few months’ time, as the organizers have released the nominees for the prestigious annual awards. Among the nominees are popular Nollywood movies stars like Funke Akindele, Tonto Dikeh, Van Vicker Wale Ojo, Joseph Benjamin among several others who will be battling one another for different categories. The event is going to be hosted by 2 best hands in the Nigerian Movie industry.

Genevieve Nnaji Flaunts Diamond Engagement Ring

Have you seen star actress Genevieve Nnaji of late? The stunning beauty and Nollywood diva now flaunts a diamond engagement ring. Genny as she is fondly called is said to have started another romance shortly after the crash of her celebrated dalliance with music star Dbanj, but this time around she has decided to keep her love life very private. A source close to the Imo State born actress revealed that the reason behind her silence about the new man in her life is because she doesn’t want the same thing that happened with her affair with Dbanj,claiming the publicity was just too much and may have contributed to the reason why it packed up.

Helen Ukpabio Out With 2 Albums

Nollywood renowned filmmaker, Apostle Helen Ukpabio is in the news again. This time around, not about her films, but her newly released album, tagged “Superlative Jesus” and “Not As They Thought”, the general overseer of Liberty Church International with over 200 branches around the world, believes her songs minister healing and salvation to the people. It is worthy of note that aside from her many produced films, she has equally many successful albums to her credit.

Star Actor, Desmond Elliot Reacts To Death Rumour

Last week, a story broke out on the internet that Desmond Elliot, a Nollywood actor cum-director is dead. It was received with mixed feelings. Trust Nigerians, they quickly spread the news with every medium. All the social networks was flooded with the story of his supposed death. The story had it that the handsome actor was found lying lifelessly in a hotel room, in a pool of his blood. In a phone chat with the actor, he said, “I don’t where they got the story from, people are so funny, without confirming if it is true they went ahead and started spreading the rumour. The picture people were made to believe it was how I died is actually a movie scene taken from a film I featured in titled “Reflections,” I am so surprised that the news went that far, I don’t have anything to say to those behind the acts but all I can say is that I am alive and healthy”.

Ini Edo, Desmond And Others Celebrate With Star Actress Monalisa Chinda

On 13th September 2012, Nollywood sexy screen diva cum producer Monalisa Chinda, added another year and to mark it, the actress invited friends, colleagues and family to a classic birthday party at the post Nu-Grotto Nite Club Etim Inyang Crescent close to Wazobia Radio Stations. It was indeed a fun-filled evening as many celebrities trooped out in their numbers, to rejoice with their own. There was enough to wine and dine as she spared no cost to ensure that her guests were properly entertained with an endless flow of wine, spirit and a delicious buffet, provided by the Nu-grotto caterers. The celebrant who was clad in a red gown, was full of smiles, as she went around exchanging pleasantries with her guests and making sure that they were well catered for. She equally received about 7 birthday cakes from friends and family. There was no dull moment as the in-house DJ kept on thrilling guests from his many club bangers tracks, with many showbiz stars sweating it out on the dance floor, it is worthy of note, that the star actress has been in the industry for over a decade with close to a 100 movies and soaps to her credit, including Memories of the Heart, Heavens Gates, etc she has equally produced alongside Emen Isong and they are “Kiss and Tell” Catwalk a soap opera currently showing on our National Television Stations. Among those who graced the event include:
Segun Arinze, Ejike Asiegbu, Zik Zulu Okafor, Emen Isong, Emen Morgan, Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Mr. Kool, Omoni Oboli, Dr. Obinna, Mike Ezuruonye, Mary Uranta, Lanre Nzeribe, Yolanda Okere, Hendrick Uche, Elvina Ibru, Gloria Ibru, Obiekwu Ibru, Mr. Alex, Charles Mojekwu, Steve Adams, Tintin Of Classic FM, Ezinne Chinkata, Fife Mayo, Banke Meshida Lawal, Lanre Lawal Nneka Ibeh, Juliet Ibeh Abazie, Banke Balogun .