about a.a. oil’s amazing wealth

Imagine having the costliest and the fastest car in the world driven around your neighbourhood? That was what a driver with Alhaji Abubakar Aliu did a few days back in Abuja. The A.A. Oil boss is not a man that is new to controversies. Far back in 2006 when former Bayelsa State Governor DSP Alamesiegha escaped from London in curious and controversial circumstances, the superrich businessman who is believed to be a billionaire was arrested by the EFCC. He was eventually let go. Even then, his name and various companies cropped up when investigations into the cases of money laundering against the former Governor came up before the EFCC. Not less than 8 of his companies were known to have been very active in Bayelsa state while DSP presided over the affairs of the state. That is not all. A.A.Oil has also been linked with two major controversies in the last one year, even in the life of this administration. The first one was the rumoured sale of a land to the CBN. The deal according to the rumour mill was brokered by him and he was alleged to have made billions from the deal. The CBN Governor as well as other parties in the deal have since denied anything like that occurred. The most recent, which seemed to have been a product of serious investigations was said to have been unearthed by the EFCC. It involved the Malabo Oil Bloc that was sold and the money shared. Sources claimed that the EFCC investigated the case and traced a large chunk of the money to companies owned by Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu., and his companies’ subsidiaries. Despite all the controversies and allegations, the billionaire businessman remains well entrenched among those who really matter in the country. It is widely believed that he is close to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice who happens to be his kinsman. The Kogi born businessman knows his onions. He is into oil and properties. And so when the whole of Abuja was agog with the new arrival of a Bugatti Veyron penultimate week, fingers were pointed at either of the four big boys who had enough cash to buy a Bugatti Veyron. As at August last year, the Bugatti Veyron market value made it the costliest car in the world with a market value of 2.4 million Dollars for the sports edition that was seen on the streets of Abuja. Those who know a little about cars could not but wonder who owned the car even as they chased the car about town with a view to catching a glimpse of the car and taking pictures. As a car freak, the A.A. Oil boss has a lot under his roof. Indeed, a source disclosed that none of the cars in his garage is a 2011 model as he has only 2012 models, some of them are only cars you see their adverts on foreign television stations. A source also disclosed how months back, during a maintenance work in his house in Maitama an accident occurred which led to a car belonging to a neighbor who is a retired General being affected, according to the source, the General was furious but the A.A. Oil boss sent a message that he would see the General later in the evening and that there was no cause for alarm. By the time Abubakar Aliyu’s emissaries appeared, it was with a brand new 2012 model of the BMW that was damaged. It was the General, according to our source who now felt obliged to call to visit and thank his neighbor for the gift.


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