A businesswoman at Winneba in the Central Region, Delilah Treveh, popularly known as Daavi, on August 1, 2012 met her untimely death when some masked armed robbers stabbed her to death at her Winneba residence .According to eyewitnesses, on that fateful day, Daavi had gone to the bank to withdraw some money and proceeded to Accra to purchase stock for her shop at Winneba. The eyewitness indicated that Daavi, after returning home from her shop on that same day, around 8:30pm, heard a knock on her door so she went to open it. According to them, Daavi saw about five masked men with ammunition and quickly ran back to lock the door to prevent them from coming in but they overpowered her and forced the door open. A witness said he heard the suspected robbers demanding for money from her but she told them she had used it and that the only money she had was for housekeeping. The men threatened to kill her if she did not heed their request. Her plea for mercy fell on deaf ears as the men stabbed her in the chest after struggling with her. They then took her car keys and fled with her car with registration number, CR 497-09, the witness said. He said the robbers were able to escape before the police got to the scene. They later abandoned the car in the middle of the road at Gomoa Akamah where men from the Winneba Police Command later recovered and took it to the Winneba Police Station. Her body has since been deposited at the Winneba Government Hospital morgue for Autopsy.


”How I Connected Prophet TB JOSHUA To Late Pres. MILLS” •ACCRA Pastor, PETER KAYODE

Pastor Peter  Kayode is the Head Pastor of Awakeners Chapel in Ghana. The Ondo State Nigerian born pastor was the one who established the Synagogue Church for All Nations in Ghana over 10 years AGO and in 2003; he parted ways with his boss, Prophet T.B Joshua over some personal issues, which led him to float his own church then. Today, his church is a big one in Accra and he shepherds a large congregation. Following the death of former Ghanaian president, Professor John Atta Mills, who was known to be a spiritual son of T.B Joshua 2 weeks ago, Pastor Kayode, who had made some shocking revelations about what transpired between him and his former superior in the past gave another revelation about how he linked the late Ghanaian President and the Nigerian prophet in a statement, he made available to City People last week. 


“As we mourn and celebrate the promotion to glory of the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, I wish to express my condolences to the good people of Ghana, the family of the late president, his son and widow, Dr. Naadu Mills. In 1999, when I was the resident pastor at Prophet TB Joshua Synagogue Church in Accra, a lady called Aba, who was living at Madina, Accra, came to me for prayers and during the cause of our discussions, she told me that Prof. Mills was her uncle. Subsequently, I informed Prophet Joshua about my encounter with the then vice president’s niece, who immediately asked me to impress upon the lady to arrange a meeting with Prof. Mills for him. I charged sister Aba with the assignment and she perfectly did a good job by booking an appointment with Prof. Mills. Prophet Joshua flew from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra just for the meeting. On that fateful day, Prophet Joshua and I with Prof.’s Niece went to Osu Castle, the seat of Government. As we entered Prof.’s office, he stood from his chair to welcome us. He showed lots of humility! At that point, he was ready to have a round table discussion with us until TB Joshua requested me and Prof.’s niece to excuse them for a private discussion. However, I saw in his countenance that he was not discriminatory; he would have wished that we all partake in the discussion. When we left his office, TB Joshua told me, he had collected Prof.’s telephone number and that he would be talking to him frequently. And that was how TB Joshua became connected to the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills.
In 2003, I left Prophet Joshua’s synagogue church to establish Awakeners Chapel Int. in Accra, after my exit, many attempts were made by those who got hurt because I left the church, and as a result, several attempts through the Ghana Immigration service were made to deport me at the time. After careful investigations, the immigration officials concluded that there was no basis to deport me because I am legally resident in Ghana, without any criminal record and moreover married to a Ghanaian. When Prof. Mills was elected as President in 2008, it became evidently clear that Prophet Joshua had a strong link with him though nobody knew how the connection was made apart from my friends and some church members. I was the main architect of TB Joshua’s relationship with the late President and they were scared that TB Joshua might influence the President at the time to get me deported. Before Mills became the President, I had 2 years permit, but just after 2 years of his reign, I received a call from the director of Immigration that my permit had been renewed for the next 5 years. Despite the myriad of harassment and all the repulsive things I experienced after leaving the synagogue, one cannot miss the point that it takes a God fearing person like Prof. Mills, to resist and reject attempts at influencing him to hurt or do injustice to me. Through out Prof. Mills’ tenure of office, I never made any attempt at visiting him in the office because I thought that would not be necessary, considering his closeness with my former boss, but I always pass my thoughts and goodwill to him through some prominent Ghanaians, who were his friends and close allies.”

Why I Dumped Beauty Business For Acting •YORUBA Movie Producer, CHERRY AYILARA

Sherifat Adenike, aka Cherry Ayilara is one of the few Yoruba movie female producers who over the years has earned the respect of her colleagues in the industry. The graduate of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State runs a successful movie production outfit, CJ Movie Production alongside her beautiful daughter, Jumoke. In this interview with City People. Taiwo Obatusin, he opened up on how she raises money to produce movies, how she has faired and how she copes with male admirers.


You have been an actress for a while and producer of Yoruba movies. Can you let us into how it started for you?

I have had passion for acting since childhood. I get inspired to do more as a movie producer and actress. I can remember vividly that since 1989 when I was in Akure, Ondo State, I trained under the tutelage of Dauda Adeyemo a.k.a Baba Mogona. He is in United States of America now. I was part of several TV series for Ondo State Radio Television Corporation (OSRC). There after, I got married and my husband kicked against my acting in movies. After several years, the passion for movies would not allow me so I pleaded with him and he allowed me to go back into movie production. Thereafter I relocated to Lagos and sought a good Yoruba Theatre Group to improve my skills. I registered with Odunfa Theatre Arts Group popularly called Odunfa caucus in year 2003, I graduated after 3 years and since then I have been a movie producer.

Why have you concentrated on production of Yoruba movies and not acting?

In the Yoruba movie industry we have more of symbiotic relationship whereby actors and actresses are expected to support one another on their projects. And also it is not easy to rise to stardom except one wants to cut corners. So I felt the best thing to do was to establish my own production outfit. It is called TJ Films Productions.

How many movies have you produced so far?

I have produced 10 movies since year 2003. The first movie I produced is titled “Ipin Yato”, followed by “Odun Kan:, “Oju Orun” which featured Funke Akindele. The fourth movie I produced is titled “Adanwo Nla”, another comedy movie by Nelson Emmanuel titled “Shogunle Ladipo”“Agbara” is yet to be released. “Aigboran”, “Ika Ni” and “Oju Ika”.
Nowadays there seems to be a radical shift from serious storylines in Yoruba?
We acknowledge that fact and it is one of the reasons we produced “Shogunle Ladipo”. We will soon start the production of another blockbuster comedy movie which will feature several Yoruba movie comedians.

How do you raise funds to produce movies?

I run a beauty business and involved in some sort of financial investments which is closely related to contributions. The need for me to raise money is borne out of the fact that most marketers only make money available to popular producers and star actors and actress.

So how profitable is the production of Yoruba movies?

All thanks to God and Odunfa caucus where I trained from. One of the things I learnt is how to cast characters well in movies. This has helped me to know actors who will fit into a character. This has helped me a lot. I have also learnt not to cast based on sentiments.

How do you cope as a beautician and movie producer?

I have people I employed who are working with me. But now I have concluded plans to fold up the beauty business to concentrate fully on movie production.

Tell us a bit about your spouse?

My husband is not based in Nigeria. He is abroad. He doesn’t like publicity.

Your daughter, Jumoke Ikudaisi has taken after you as an actress?

I am glad that she is now actively involved in acting and movie production. She has also contributed a lot and she is not doing badly.

How do you cope with male admirers?

A lot of guys come to me but I turn them off politely. And those who are stubborn I report them to my husband and make sure he speaks to them on phone. For guys who are younger, most of them eventually become my friend.

Younger guys toast you?

Of course. In fact I have more younger toasters than older ones. They tell me “age has nothing to do with love”. But I detest such moves.

Why RIVERS 1st Lady Is Not As Visible As Other 1st Ladies •City People Unveils Gov. AMAECHI’s Bible Teache

The saying “for every successful, there is a woman” aptly describes the role of Rivers State 1st lady, Dame Judith Amaechi in her husband’s political career. Her Excellency, Lady Judith Amaechi is the wife of Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.
Though, the pretty wife of the incumbent Governor keeps a low profile but she has been a fulcrum of support to her husband since when he was a speaker of the State House of Assembly, during ex-Governor, Chief Peter Odili’s administration. Lady Judith as she is sometimes refer to is a deeply religious woman who doesn’t fancy frivolous life-style, hence, she rarely attends social functions.She is a born again Christian who enjoys attending church functions. She is a virtuous woman who is concerned about her reputation as a born again Christian. Whenever Dame Judith is not on official duty, she is always in her house helping her husband and caring for the children. The 1st lady is always in the church, being a role model for the young women and teaching the children about saving grace of Jesus Christ. She likes providing guidance and leadership to her peers and subordinates. The quite lady is a woman who believes in her femininity and has no need to charm and manipulate to get her way. She is someone who embraces submissive, and doesn’t rebel against it. The 1st Lady is highly treasured by her husband who refer to her is his Bible teacher. The Governor is very found of her, such that any time he is at functions delivering speech, he tells people that his beautiful wife is his prayer warrior and Bible teacher who has over the years been tutoring him on how to get intimate with God through reading the holy book. There was a day the Governor was addressing the state and he had wanted to use a particular Bible verse to drive home his points. He forget the Bible verse he was thinking of using and he told the audience that if his wife was here she would have reminded her the Bible verse. Unknown to the Governor, the wife was watching him live on TV and before he knew it, the 1st Lady sent the Bible verse via a Short Message Service (SMS) to her husband. And the Governor read it out from his phone while letting the public know that his wife just sent it to him.
Judith Amaechi is has also helped her husband in running the state. She is well loved by women of Rivers State which she has empowered. Not a fewer women have benefited from her empowerment programmes. The 1st Lady gave out number of buses and taxis to Rivers State women so as to use them to earn a living by using them commercially. Dame Judith also organises seminars, trainings and workshops for women. And a lot of women have benefit from her skill acquisitions programmes. She has a NGO through which she has helped many people. Lady Judith as she’s sometimes called was born on 24 December 1970. She attended Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma for her secondary education. She then attended Rivers State University of Science and Technology, where she graduated as an Urban and Regional Planning Professional. She married Governor Rotimi Amaechi and they have three children.
The 1st Lady launched the empowerment support initiative, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), on 16 October 2008. The NGO provides practical support and advice for women and children, particularly the most disadvantaged. In June 2009, speaking during International Widows Day, Lady Judith called for review of native laws and customary practices that causes distress to widows, sometimes throwing them into abject poverty. In March 2010, she visited Israel with the State Commissioner for Women Affairs, Manuel George-Izunwa, to inspect farms and discuss training and development of Agriculture among women in Rivers State.
In 2009, the pretty woman sponsored a free mass de-worming program for Rivers State children. She was a strong supporter of the child act passed in Rivers State in 2010, aiming to prevent abuse of children. In August 2010 she opened a 4-week information and Communication Technology Farm, which provides free computer training in the holidays to junior and secondary school students.

–Timilehin Ajagunna

“How To Tackle Insecurity Problem In NIGERIA” –Ex NOA DG, IDI FAROUK

You served as boss of the National Orientation Agency for over 8 years, what was the experience like?

You cannot go to any school to learn about Orientation, you have to learn on the job. My experience? when I got into office I had to take time to study the process. One of the things I must say here is that the best staffers of government are in the National Orientation Agency, we built a team, and I worked with that team, and whatever successes we achieved was as a result of team work.

What do you mean by the best staffers are found in NOA?

Lets put it like this — if there is an out break of polio, outside the Ministry of Health, the first port of call is NOA. These are people who work without money. The reservoir of knowledge in that place is tremendous and I recommend the government to tap. The National Orientation Agency is totally underfunded and I have promised myself that when I leave office, I will do a lot of advocacy and whoever will take over from me will benefit from my advocacy for better funding of the Agency. I hear all sort of stories that they will merge NOA, with some ministry. First of all NOA, has a staff strength of 4000 dedicated and committed workers, which ministry has that staff strength and dedication to work? The military set up MAMSER in those days and it was meant to mobilize the citizens and give good orientations, whatever motive they had in setting it up over 20 years ago, is still relevant in our society today. All the former bosses of NOA from Jerry Gana, Prof Adeneran to myself …. and today we have Mike Omeri. Each of these regimes did well, including my tenure. I also note with a fact that Mike is doing well on the path we have set up. The constraint that I had, the constraint that Tony Iredia had, (past bosses of NOA) is still the same constraint. Mike has today dedicated working staff and no funding. If government wants to reap the benefits of that agency, it should fund it.

Why do you think its been underfunded and how were you able to survive those years in office?

Government employs this envelope system and as long as you put this Agency in an envelope, it will be underfunded and the budgeting as we have known it before is not what is happening now. Before when it is time for budget we will sit down in our ministry, department or Agency and decide on which programmes we will carry out or put up, and on the basic of that, we defend it at the ministry level or National Assembly level but as it is today government decides what an Agency should spend, On the basis of this, the ministry decides what it should give an Agency, but it cannot work like that and this has been a big problem.

How have you been advocating for the Agency for better funding?

By talking about it, if you ask one I will talk about it and indeed other agencies charged with this responsibility needs to be funded. Information and communication is key. I know that Press Council is undefunded NTA, NAN and NOA. The people need to be mobilized and key into so many projects of Government and you cannot do it without information.

Lets talk about the spate of insecurity in the country today. What advice do you have for those who are involved especially in the North, the constituency you come from?

There should be engagement, and leaders should watch their tongues, community, tribal, religious leaders and what have you. Some of these issues are not targeted at a particular group. The spate of bombing is not targeted at any one group. We must guard our tongue so that we do not further escalate issues. I also do know that security agents are working because having been in NOA, we also belong to a body of security organization where we trade information.
Yes! One bomb here or there but there has been so many others that have been thwarted. The security should also take people into consideration and give information and must work on its image such that people have confidence in them. What is clearly lacking is intelligence gathering out of some kind of fear that is unfounded. Yes there are bad eggs in every organization. They must do self cleansing and build confidence.

Why are our youths involved in Boko-Haram?

First of all, if you go out to any Northern City during school hours, the number of children you see out of school is frightening. Take a drive to the southern part of the country during school time, you will see children in their thousands going to school and after school trekking back home. We need to improve on this. Our governments are not doing enough. The Almajiri children (street children) need to be protected by government because they have been exploited by those people who think they are taking care of them. You put 60/50 children on the street to go out on the street to beg, and they bring the returns to you. What do you do with it. It has become some sort of business for them. There is need for both Koranic and western education and it must be monitored by government. These children have now become a useful tool for anybody who wants to create havoc. They know they are being exploited and not being catered for. One of the responsibilities of government is to cater for the citizenry. We as parents should also parent well and not allow our children to be used as negative tools.

People have criticized Northern Elders for not condemning the activities Boko-Haram. Do you agree?

Excuse me….. Every body has his own style. What holds in the East, or West is not what holds in the North. Let nobody tell me that Northern elders are not working. They are. But that they are not coming out into the media like others do is because its not their style. The citizenry should also be pro-active because security is everybody’s business.
Kaduna elites/elders seem to be shunning the town due to security reasons, most have relocated to Abuja.
This is so untrue, you cannot afford not to be in Kaduna if you don’t have a house any where else. So its not true that people are running away from the town. I go to Kaduna and I know so many of my friends who come here to work (Abuja) and staying out of home is a very expensive business. It is not a true representative of the elites.

What’s your assessment of the Yakowa administration so far?

Yakowa’s administration is just one year old, but he has been in government for long. Everybody has its style, there are those who come and do (gra-gra-gra) rush, rush rush and there are those who take their time so that they do it right. As it concerns security, Yakowa is doing well as far as I am concerned his approach is methodical, he is one who wants to ensure perfection and the people of Kaduna are better for it. The citizenry should be a bit patient with him as he has had a lot of challenges within one year. There can never be development without peace.
But critic’s say he is slow to act and cannot pin-point to a particular project he has embarked upon, compared to past governors.
Makarfi spent 8 years in office, and even then there were critics, Namadi came in and there were people who criticized his train project and it was after they left people started applauding them. Critics have their own usefulness because they give the government some “push” to move. To be fair to Yakowa, he is doing well in the face of security challenges.

Now, that you have left NOA, whats next for you?

First and foremost, I have never had plans that are my own, I never wrote an application to be the Agency’s Director – General, or written an application to be anything. So I leave it to God. When my tenure was up I had to go, and I knew as a fact that I had to leave the Agency.

Whats your typical day like and what keeps you going?

I have a very strong network of friends in Nigeria and outside, and at all levels. When you have good friends life goes on there is no difference between when I was Director-General and now.
You look fit for your age what do you do?
I do a lot of exercises and I try to watch what I eat, so that I can look as fit as you are….. laughs. The truth is you must watch what you eat to stay fit.
I have no preferences for food except those that are Haram, (forbidden) because of my religious beliefs. … on a typical day, I wake up say my prayers and do what is available.

What advice do you have for Nigerians to move the country forward?

I would call on youths and busy body elders, Peace is the panacea for development and progress. God chooses the leaders and the injunction in both Christianity and Islam is that you should at all times pray for your leaders. To our Government especially in the North, get our children out of the streets it is our responsibility. The Almajiri School system established in Sokoto is working and should be encouraged. We should not be negative, anything done for the betterment of our youths should be applauded and encouraged.

How old are you, what keeps you happy?

I am 63 years and I will disappoint you.( laughs) because, nothing in particular makes me happy, I just try to stay happy.

House of Glamour Relocates

Popular fashion house, House of Glamour, owned by a Port Harcourt big babe, Emem Timi Dare, located at Trans Amadi has been moved to 182 Abuloma Road. This according to the management is to relocate the business to a more strategic and spacious place. House of Glamour came into existence 3 years ago and the outfit has high profile people as clients.

About Nikky Hotel

Nikky Hotel is one of the newly floated hotels in the oil rich city. Strategically located at GRA Phase 2, the architecturally masterpiece located at GRA Phase 2, is where the big boys in town now lodge. The tastefully furnished hotel is situated near one of the most popular fun spots in the city, Wishes.